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The fact that no field of study or training based the practice of communication on psychology, behavior, and mind science existentially frustrated Elizabeth Edwards, our founder, in the 1990s.

After serving in The Boeing Company's aerospace communication division and Ogilvy Public Relations' telecommunication division, she founded Volume PR and set out to change that...

  • May, 2001

    Volume PR was started

    The first integrated communication agency in the U.S. with the goal of developing a 360-degree engagement model based on the science of the human mind was founded.


    Serving brands of all shapes and sizes, Volume concentrated on technology, telecom, and business-to-business brands.

  • 2003 - Present

    Research, Test, Repeat

    For 15 years, Edwards and her team studied scientific journals at the intersection of communication and human behavior and applied their research to their work.


    Whether for Fortune 100 brands or startups, the methods they uncovered universally increased outcomes (and are responsible for Volume PR's mountain of awards).


    Then patterns emerged. A network of communication and engagement techniques that differ from conventional teaching proved consistently more effective. These science-directed insights didn't improve communication a little bit; they changed everything.

  • March, 2015

    Sharing the Science

    Edwards began sharing Volume's research - speaking at conferences, training corporate communication professionals and teams, and before long, traveling the globe as a keynote speaker on science-based engagement.

  • Fall, 2017

    Behavioral Communication was created

    How humans perceive and process communication had been remapped by science, but aside from our research, these insights were locked away in pieces and parts across hundreds of research sources.


    To do the science justice, a new field of communication was needed - Behavioral Communication - where communication is designed with sensitivity to its science-measured influence on perception and behavior.

Welcome to the
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Meet the Founder

Elizabeth Edwards

She is amplifying the world of evidence-based communication by training professionals how to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive factors behind consumer decisions and how to integrate these into communication programs that demonstrate results.

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Shannon Bankoff

Media Executive, TEGNA

$2.1M In Net-New Annual Revenue and a 780% ROI

"As an advertising executive, insights from Engagement Science Lab benefitted both my client’s results and my own when acting as an extension of their businesses.


Because of Elizabeth and her team’s findings, I have personally seen massive revenue growth, including $2.1M in net-new annual revenue and a 780% ROI specific to one client. I highly recommend Engagement Science Lab's strategies to understand your customers and get the results you need."

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