The Science of Engagement Founding Member Launch Pre-Sale

Limited to 50 Students. Classes Begin January 4, 2021.

For our friends, followers, and former in-person students, we are making The Science of Engagement Masterclass available at a dramatic, one-time discount.


Full NPE system has not been available without a minimum $20,000 investment for our corporate clients.


Beginning January 1, 2021, the Masterclass will be offered at the full course price of $6,997.


Joining as a Founding Member during the Pre-Sale period discounts the Masterclass and all bonus material to a one-time introductory price of $2,997.


The complete Science of Engagement Masterclass will never be offered for this low of a price again.

Founding Member Launch


80% Off Before Public January Launch

The Science of Engagement Masterclass

What Is Included In The Founding Member Pre-Sale Package?


Because so many of our past students, fans, friends, and followers have been begging for this class, and this year has been such the challenge that it has been, we are offering our first Science of Engagement Masterclass via a Founding Member Pre-Sale.


Limited to ethics-based communication and business professionals and organization teams.

Founding Member Benefits

  • NPE Masterclass

    All on-demand components of the Science of Engagement Masterclass, including 8 online video classes, educational downloads for organizing your new library of knowledge, and weekly assignments to apply what you're learning in real practice.

  • Top Reading & Podcast File

    For the students that love to dig deeper, a list of the top books and podcasts to help you grow as a behavioral communicator.

  • Top DIY Content Creation Tech Tools eBook & Training

    Our favorite, high-impact communication and content creation tech tools to help you create world-class content with ease, as well as an on-demand training with Elizabeth to learn how to apply them to improve your communication.

  • No Longer a $20,000 Minimum Investment

    NPE method training in full has only been available for our corporate clients in much larger programs. In our Founding Member launch we are making the training available at the lowest price it will ever be offered, and a full 57% off the price after the available seats are sold out.

  • Physical Course Materials

    Learning happens best when our hands get involved in the process, and some of our materials have to be touched to be fully understood. All students will receive a surprise kit by mail in December of materials to supplement the online Masterclass experience.

  • Communication Career Opportunities

    Because the skill set and approach to communication by someone trained in NPE is so much more effective, we field a lot of requests from companies looking to hire pros trained in the science of engagement.


    In 2021 we will launch a searchable database of past students who opt to be included, made available to companies looking to hire NPE-educated communicators. Founding Members who complete the course will be included in the database included in the cost of their Masterclass seat for the first 24 months.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Neuroscience & Storytelling in the Age of COVID-1

    Learn storytelling strategies and tactics based on behavioral science laws and that research indicates to be the most useful in change-based communication during times of crisis.

  • Direct Access to Train With Elizabeth

    Our inaugural virtual student body will have the opportunity to work directly with NPE founder and coach, Elizabeth Edwards, to ask questions and curate their educational experience.

The human science elements that Elizabeth and her team brought to Transamerica changed how we looked at everything. The marketing messages we had been using from the 'experts' were in fact, according to human communication science, pushing our customers away.


Once we understood the science behind our messaging and had the proper tools to change it, our ability to connect with our customers improved drastically. Hire them yesterday!”


- Alix Hunsacker, Marketing Manager, Transamerica

Limited Time Only


Limited to First 50 Students

Let's be real - my communication viewpoint is all about authenticity and credibility. So I'm not about to throw a curveball and tell you that this offer is only available this week. Because I don't know that for certain. I don't have a crystal ball for when we will hit the limit for our Founding Member launch class limit.


So the most accurate thing I can tell you is that by putting off purchasing a Founding Member Pre-Sale Seat in the NPE Masterclass - you'll just continue wasting time trying to connect with your audience, and a lot more time spent trying to engage and convert them, too. Simple as that. 


The insights and formulas you'll receive in this class will change the way you communicate forever. Not the way you use a particular tool, or how you write certain kinds of copy or subject lines, but how you approach every word you ever write again.


This is an entirely new mapping of human communication preferences based on intelligence revealed by the sciences, and proven in high-stakes and mass professional communication environments.


What is the cost to you for putting off knowing how to tune your every word to what your audiences want to hear?


Depending on your field and how communication impacts the outcomes of your life, NPE can be the key that changes, literally, everything.


Stop messing around with new knowledge and professional development that will expire in 24 months as tools change.


Sink in to the heart and soul of human communication. We have never been at a tipping point of informational transformation like we are at this moment in time. And the opportunity to be a positive influence has never been needed more.


I look forward to seeing you in class.


x Elizabeth

Shannon Bankoff

Media Executive, TEGNA

$2.1M In Net-New Annual Revenue and a 780% ROI

"As an advertising executive, insights from Engagement Science Lab benefitted both my client’s results and my own when acting as an extension of their businesses.


Because of Elizabeth and her team’s findings, I have personally seen massive revenue growth, including $2.1M in net-new annual revenue and a 780% ROI specific to one client. I highly recommend Engagement Science Lab's strategies to understand your customers and get the results you need."

How will your communication, work, and life change when you

Master the Science of Engagement?

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The Science of Engagement Masterclass and Career Advancement Database Membership retails for $6,997.


For Pre-Sale Founding Members, price is discounted to $2,997 for the first 50 seats only, or until December 31, 2020.

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