Futurist Communicator. Behavioral Engagement Strategist.

Edwards is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated keynote speakers in business, communication, marketing, and leadership.


Combining brilliant insights from the sciences with the universally important practice of communication, she not only blows the doors off your brain, she keeps you laughing, begging for more, and wondering where on earth the time went.

"My Dear Fellow Communicators, Many of us have never been taught what is arguably the most important fundamental of communication."


Watch Elizabeth Edwards deliver complete "Modern-Day Communicator's Manifesto and the Key to Core Comprehension" above, or read it here:


Elizabeth Edwards

Futurist Communicator, Writer, Strategist & Creator of the Behavioral Communication Movement

  • Communication Industry Leader -Edwards is an award-winning communication industry expert, frequent keynote speaker, trainer, and architect of the NeuroPsychological Engagement (NPE) method of communication.

  • Science Communicator - Merging the fields of communication, neuroscience, and behavioral science and economics, Edwards created the world's first science-based method for reliably improving communication outcomes that influence human motivation and behavior.

  • International Speaker - Ranking in the top 1% of all speakers for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Edwards is globally recognized as a visionary for her lifetime of professional communication accomplishments and the development of a science-based engagement method, Edwards is also known for her energetic delivery of thought-provoking, highly relevant, and practical advice. She makes the complex world of human motivation, behavioral communication, and neuroscience relatable and easy to apply through her sold-out keynotes, corporate training series, and online classes whether in India or Indiana.

  • Corporate Strategist & Trainer - Sought out by international corporations, professional societies, and communication agencies, Edwards trains and leads executives and teams in the successful application of engaging with science.

  • Celebrated CEO - For nearly 20 years, Edwards has run Volume PR, a celebrated, award-winning strategic communication and public relations firm she founded in 2001. In 2018 she debuted Engagement Science Lab, a training, application, and testing ground for advancing the practice and profession of communication with behavioral science and neuroscience.

    Celebrated as one of the foremost communication and marketing experts of the new decade, Edwards and her companies have won hundreds of marketing, communication, and PR awards for the impact of their work, including Edwards being named a 2019 Woman of Excellence by the International Women Economic Forum (WEF), a 2020 Outstanding Women in Business by the Denver Business Journal, and PR Daily's "PR Professional of the Year."

  • Associations - Prior to founding Volume PR, Edwards was with Ogilvy PR and the aerospace division of The Boeing Company, and is a graduate of Pepperdine University. She served as the 2018 - 2019 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Technology Section Chair based on her decades of experience and leadership in technology communication.


No One Listens Like They Used To

Our world has gotten so noisy, we don't pay attention the way we used to. It is so loud, in fact, many of us tune out more than we take in.


As a society we are in a collective state of communication overload, and our minds are developing powerful coping mechanisms to manage the noise.


If you are in business, a leader, or if how well you communicate impacts the roof over your head, can you afford to become less effective by the day?

How We Listen Is Changing, So Must How We Engage

  • OVERLOAD: As our mind's become more overloaded, we can comprehend less new and complex information.

  • FATIGUE: We make so many decisions while processing an overwhelming amount of noise, our mind's are also in states of decision fatigue and fog, creating the perfect playground for confusion and conflict from even the most innocent communication.

As If That Wasn't Bad Enough

We've Never Really Been Taught How To Communicate To Connect In the First Place

  • Aspiring communicators are taught many important elements of engagement, but there is a giant blind spot that undermines every word they write.

  • Professional communicators keep working to master the latest tool or social space in the hopes it will help us connect with our distracted audiences, but the target just keeps moving

The Target Just Keeps Moving.

  • Too many young communication pros spend $150,000 on a communication degree but still don't know how to write to connect.

  • Too many seasoned communication pros make what are, to the sciences, obvious communication mistakes that cost them dearly, sometimes even their careers.

  • The price of misunderstood communication can be incalculably high for entrepreneurs, leaders, companies, and countries.

  • And equally so to citizens, seniors, children, parents, anyone and everyone on the receiving end of confusing communication when it matters.

  • The negative consequences of misunderstanding are exponentially multiplied in our hyper-connected, over-stimulated world.

Elizabeth Edwards here...

Founder & President, Engagement Science Lab & Volume PR

... and I'm coming here today because I have something big to say.


And I need you to hear it.


If I were a bit more subtle, I'd say this topic breaks my heart. Because it does.


Except I'm not, so I'll just give it to you straight:





  • I am sick of the science and communication fields not talking to each other, and the consequences it creates.

  • I am sick of seeing confusion and chaos, misunderstanding and pain because a communicator didn't understand how their engagement touches people - Consciously AND Non-Consciously.

  • I am sick of watching people be pushed over a cliff with the very words intended to lead them away from it and people acting all shocked like, WHAT happened?! When it is plain as day obvious if you look at it with our "Behavioral Communication" glasses on.

  • I am sick of seeing crisis' triggered when a single sentence shift could have avoided it.

  • I am done letting communication professionals ignore how exponentially more effective human science makes engagement because we have scary high-school chemistry flashbacks. (I have them, too!)

  • That is why I am done letting this knowledge only be my team's proprietary intelligence, and my client's superpower. 

  • The pen is mightier than the sword, indeed. For the pen can restore, rebuild, and create.

“Elizabeth has the unique gift of capturing the audience’s attention – all the time. Her presentation skills are top-notch, engaging, and high energy.”

Bernardo Fiol-Costa

President & Founder, Big Think Group


Engagement Science Keynotes, Webinars & Trainings

Elizabeth Edwards is available as a keynote speaker, webinar lead, or virtual trainer for your non-profit, business, team, or association.


Tailoring of content to specific industries may be available. Please inquire for more details.

  • Non-Profit Community  "Fundraising with Communication Science; New Techniques To Boost Results"

  • Communication & Business Community - "Mind. Blown. The Eye-Opening Science of High-Conversion Communication"

  • All Communities - "Top Tech Tools for High-Conversion Communication"

  • All Communities - "Engagement in the Age of COVID-19"


Mind. Blown.

The Eye-Opening Science of High-Conversion Engagement

Science holds the key to high-conversion communication. If you think that the rational, intellectual part of our brains are calling the shots, guess again.


Paradoxically, our emotional centers are the ones that drive decisions. In today’s environment of message overload and white noise, our brains quickly determine what messages are skipped and what messages stick. It’s time to listen to what science tells us and start speaking to the emotional, heart-centered process to reach our audiences with messages that are engineered to light up a positive response.


Did you know that only 5% of decisions are made in the conscious mind? 95% of decisions are made in the non-conscious, emotional centers of the brain. Yet nearly all professional communication is developed to target only the 5% conscious mind.


After nearly twenty years of research and development, Engagement Science Lab founder Elizabeth Edwards created the only professional communication method designed to active 100% of the decision-making mind: NeuroPsychological Engagement (NPE).


In "Mind. Blown. The Eye-Opening Science of High-Conversion Engagement", she gives an entirely new perspective on how to create communication geared for comprehension.


What are the biases stopping people them from engaging with your message?


How do you communicate to connect, rather than creating communication that just adds to the noise?


Merging the fields of communication, marketing, neuroscience, psychology and behavioral science, Mind. Blown. will open your eyes to new ways to communicate to be heard by both the conscious and non-conscious mind.


Never before in the history of communication have we lived in a more noisy and competitive age.


Cognitive overload forces us to use more precise tools to sculpt brand engagement and communication that converts.

  • Learn what engagement really means. Go beyond superficial clicks, likes and shares and dig into what it means to truly connect with your audience on an emotional level that has been proven to affect decision making.

  • Learn how science is mapping responses to messages to teach us how to be more successful communicators.

  • Understand how to build content that engages your audience both intellectually and emotionally, while overcoming all the modern-day interferences drowning you out.


Top Tech-Tools for High Conversion Communication

Successful communication requires a combination of art, science, AND smart creation platforms (aka, tech tools!).


The Engagement Science Lab and Volume teams have combined our favorite DIY, high-impact communication and content creation tech tools to help you create world-class content with ease. Discover 39 different tools, most of which are free or uber low-cost, detailed over our 13 page eBook, and in this dynamic 50-minute webinar with Elizabeth Edwards.

  • Learn the best tools for adding graphic and video design capabilities, with ZERO design skills needed.

  • Discover the best tools for streamlining content development, project management, and the countless other tasks required of communication pros.

  • How to create high-conversion communication materials with some lesser known tools that deepen audience connection and comprehension.

  • Add hours back into your week with time-saving, skill enhancing (free or near-free) tools perfect for communication pros who want to get more done.


Engagement in the Age of COVID-19

With fears heightened in the aftermath of COVID-19, it’s even more challenging—and critical--for communicators to earn the trust of audiences, from your employees to your top customers.


By tapping into behavioral science and neuroscience findings, you can understand what influences stakeholders and establish your brand as a credible voice in a time when rumors and emotions are at an all-time high. Learn communication strategies and tactics based on behavioral science laws and that research indicates to be the most useful in change-based communication during times of crisis.

  • What has behavioral science shown us is happening to communication processing as we progress through the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • How can companies, leaders, and individuals create meaningful connection during a time of crisis?

  • How do you minimize misunderstanding and the "Backfire Effect" when speaking to audiences in a state of crisis?

  • What do the behavioral sciences and neuroscience suggest communication should do differently in a crisis?


Fundraising With Communication Science

New Techniques To Boost Results

Nonprofit and association professionals serve noble causes, do important work and have messages to communicate that are crucial to the progression of consumer, business and humanitarian efforts alike.


Above all, these professionals deserve to be equipped with the latest knowledge of how our minds are hard-wired to work based on the latest neuroscience and behavioral science research, which is being added to every week.


In the "Fundraising With Communication Science" keynote, we will simplify what non-profit professionals need to know today to immediately improve communication with science.


From fundraising to member attraction and retention and everything in between, the session will also teach the most powerful word to use to increase understanding and how to reduce the reading level of your content easily and with a free online tool to support every word you write.

  • Develop a new tool belt of knowledge based on scientifically proven patterns of behavior that influence decision making, and how we can adapt our communication based on this new information to maximize our results.

  • Learn from real-world examples of communication outreach using traditional methods vs. those incorporating psychological principles to easily see how you can bring these behavioral science principles into your communication programs, resulting in more fundraising and member growth and retention success.

  • Have fun while also learning about how YOUR mind works, what we do every day that may be binding us closer to biases, and how to help change these in ourselves and others.

Every Audience Left Fully WOWED And Never The Same

  • Sample 2019 - 2020 Keynotes & Conference Session

    • PRSA Alaska CommEx Keynote (November 2019)
    • Digital Hollywood Keynote (November 2019)
    • Pepperdine University (November 2019)
    • Hudson Valley Credit Union, Women in Business Conference Keynote (September 2019)
    • 2019 PRSA International Conference, 3 Sessions
    • Women Economic Forum, Gurugram, India, Keynote and Sessions (December 2019)
    • PRSA Western District Conference Session on Behavioral Communication (March 2019)
    • PRSA Corporate Communication Conference, NY (June 2019)
    • PRSA Headquarters Behavioral Communication Masterclass (June 2019)
    • PRCG Annual Conference Keynote, Puerto Rico (January 2020)
    • PRSA Charlotte Luncheon Speaker (January 2020)
    • Ragan Virtual Summit, Neuroscience of Storytelling (January 2020)
    • DSU, The Science of Communicating Technology (March 2020)
    • Ragan Storytelling in the Age of COVID (August 2020)
    • PRSA ICON International Communication's Conference (October 2020)

“Beast mode! Exceeded my expectations! So many great tips and her delivery was impeccable.”

“This was a fantastic session, maybe the best thing I attended at the conference.”

"She is dynamic, articulate and offers real value to her audience in the form of theory, application and useful tools. She simultaneously commands a room, while still encouraging even the shyest person in the crowd to engage."

Who Does The Science of Engagement Help the Most?

  • Communication Professionals

    Professionals in marketing, public relations, corporate communication, branding, advertising, sales, internal and employee communication, crisis communication, and human resources.

  • Business Teams

    How do you equip your team to communicate successfully in the noisiest time in human history?

    Teaching the science of engagement to your team unites them under a shared, strategic approach in a way our industry has never enjoyed before.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Knowing what to say and how to say it as an entrepreneur can be the difference between success and failure. With the science of engagement, you will have the blueprint for effective communication to support every element in your business from marketing and sales to HR and customer service.

  • Leaders

    How you engage people can often be one of the greatest determinants of success for a leader. Leaders who follow the the science of engagement method of behavioral communication understand more of the actions going on in the mind of their audience, and how to communicate to connect rather than overwhelm and frustrate.

The Science of Engagement Masterclass

8-Week Online Course


Delivered in a self-led and self-paced environment, the Science of Engagement Masterclass is composed of 8 online video classes, educational downloads for organizing your new library of knowledge, and weekly assignments to apply what you're learning in real practice.


What Will You Learn?

  • Understand how the mind is tuning out most modern-day communication in our noisy world alongside endless social media static.

  • Learn how the mind makes decisions, and why communication strategies directed to the conscious mind are not as successful as 100% mind and emotion engagement methods. 

  • Learn the top 7 science-based communication keys to achieve Neuro-Psychological Engagement (NPE), activating both the conscious and non-conscious of your audience's mind with science-based techniques proven to accelerate agreement and change minds and behavior by limiting the interference of bias, backfire, decision fatigue, and cognitive overload

  • Understand how to audit your existing communication content and training methods against human behavior and motivation research to increase positive responses from what you already have in place.  

  • Reveal the biases working to block your communication, and how to navigate this coping mechanism that actively fights against your best laid plans.

  • You control the level of science intensity you'd like in your course experience. The course is taught at a level so you never have to decipher a complex study for yourself. We make it all simple and applicable in the real-world of communication, or can direct you to the complete studies if you want to sink in deeper.

Unedited Audience Feedback

Elizabeth Edwards Presentation Survey Comments, November 2019

Audience of Professional Communicator's at the PRSA International Conference

Keynote In Action

See Elizabeth Edwards share an introduction to the the Science of Engagement as the Keynote speaker at the 2019 Women in Business Conference in New York.

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