Elizabeth Edwards

Keynote speaker &

futurist communicator


Elizabeth Edwards

Futurist Communicator, Writer, Strategist &

Creator of the Behavioral Communication Movement

Elizabeth Edwards is one of the most celebrated international keynote speakers in business, communication, marketing, and leadership.


Combining insights from behavior and mind science with professional and personal communication, she not only blows the doors off your brain, she keeps you laughing, wondering where on earth the time went, and begging for more. And because she reveals secrets about the human mind's silent inner workings, she excites and stretches the minds of any and every audience type.


Ranking in the top 1% of all speakers for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Edwards is globally recognized as a visionary for her lifetime of professional communication accomplishments and the development of a science-based engagement method. Known for her energetic delivery of thought-provoking, highly relevant, and practical insights, she makes the complex world of human motivation and behavior science relatable and applicable to both work and everyday life.

“Beast mode! Exceeded my expectations! So many great tips and her delivery was impeccable.”

“This was a fantastic session, maybe the best thing I attended at the conference.”

"She is dynamic, articulate and offers real value to her audience in the form of theory, application and useful tools. She simultaneously commands a room, while still encouraging even the shyest person in the crowd to engage."

Elizabeth Edwards introduces the NeuroPsychological Engagement method and keys for increasing the effectiveness of communication as the keynote speaker at the 2019 Women in Business Conference from Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union in New York.

Let Elizabeth unite your organization behind science-based communication

During her 20 years leading one of the nation's most successful public relations and strategic communication firms, her science-based communication methods have led her team to win hundreds of marketing, communication, and PR awards.


She was recently named a 2019 Woman of Excellence by the International Women Economic Forum (WEF), a 2020 Outstanding Women in Business by the Denver Business Journal, and PR Daily's "PR Professional of the Year."

Excite your audience with

The Science of Communication

  • Learn what science has discovered about how your mind considers communication and makes decisions.

  • Understand how to communicate to make sense to exhausted minds and overcome the interferences drowning you out.

  • Reconsider what it means to effectively communicate, professionally and personally, in an age of noise.


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Mind. Blown.

The Eye-Opening Science of High-Conversion Communication

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An entirely new perspective on how to create communication geared for comprehension.

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With Communication Science

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Simplify what non-profit professionals need to know to immediately improve communication.

Sample 2019 and 2020 Keynote Speaking Engagements

featuring Elizabeth Edwards

  • PRSA Corporate Communication Conference, June 2019
  • Women in Business Keynote, September 2019
  • CommEx Alaska, November 2019
  • Digital Hollywood Keynote, November 2019
  • International Women Economic Forum Keynote, December 2019
  • Ragan Communications, Neuroscience of Storytelling, January 2020
  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference, October 2019 & October 2020


Who does the Science of Engagement help the most?

Communication Professionals

Professionals in marketing, public relations, corporate communication, branding, advertising, sales, internal and employee communication, crisis communication, and human resources.

Business Teams

How do you equip your team to communicate successfully in the noisiest time in human history?
Teaching the science of engagement to your team unites them under a shared, strategic approach in a way our industry has never enjoyed before.


Knowing what to say and how to say it as an entrepreneur can be the difference between success and failure. With the science of engagement, you will have the blueprint for effective communication to support every element in your business, from marketing and sales to HR and customer service.


How you engage people can often be one of the greatest determinants of success for a leader. Leaders who follow the the science of engagement method of behavioral communication understand more of the actions going on in the mind of their audience, and how to communicate to connect rather than overwhelm and frustrate.

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The Science of Human Engagement:
Creating Connection in an Age of Noise

How do you tune communication to connect in an age of noise?

Science has proven the most effective communication touches the conscious and non-conscious mind at the same time, but how to reliably do so has been systemically blocked from the practice of professional communication, until now.

In The Science of Human Engagement: Creating Connection in an Age of Noise, Elizabeth Edwards, founder of Engagement Science Lab, Volume PR, and the Behavioral Communication movement, explores how the mind is evolving as noise and information sources multiply, and the opportunity before professional and everyday communicators alike to reorient how we think about talking to exhausted minds.