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“The human science elements that Edwards and her team brought to Transamerica changed how we looked at everything. The marketing messages we had been using from the “experts” were in fact, according to human communication science, pushing our customers away. Once we understood the science behind our messaging and had the proper tools to change it, our ability to connect with our customers improved drastically. Hire them yesterday!”

Alix Hunsacker, Marketing Manager, Transamerica


Top Tech Tools

for High-Conversion Communication & Content

Successful communication requires a combination of art, science, AND smart creation platforms (aka, tech tools!).
The Engagement Science Lab and Volume teams have combined our favorite DIY, high-impact communication and content creation tech tools to help you create world-class content with ease. Discover 39 different tools, most of which are free or low-cost, detailed over our 13 page eBook, and in an available 90-minute webinar with Elizabeth Edwards.

  • Learn the best tools for adding graphic and video design capabilities, with ZERO design skills needed.

  • Discover the best tools for streamlining content development, project management, and the countless other tasks required of communication pros.

  • Create high-conversion communication materials with some lesser known tools that deepen audience connection and comprehension.

  • Add hours back into your week with time-saving, skill enhancing (free or near-free) tools perfect for communication pros who want to get more done.

Available as an ebook or ebook/video bundle

“Elizabeth speaks to you and helps you out in a way a longtime mentor might, but rather than being all talk, she provides the action steps to back up the plan she’s spelled out with you.”

Taylor Kamnetz

Content Marketing Manager,



in the age of COVID-19

With fears heightened in the aftermath of COVID-19, it’s even more challenging—and critical--for communicators to earn the trust of audiences, from your employees to your top customers.
By tapping into behavioral science and neuroscience findings, you can understand what influences stakeholders and establish your brand as a credible voice in a time when rumors and emotions are at an all-time high. Learn communication strategies and tactics based on behavioral science laws and that research indicates to be the most useful in change-based communication during times of crisis.

  • What has behavioral science shown us is happening to communication processing as we progress through the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • How can companies, leaders, and individuals create meaningful connection during a time of crisis?

  • How do you minimize misunderstanding and the "Backfire Effect" when speaking to audiences in a state of crisis?

  • What do the behavioral sciences and neuroscience suggest communication should do differently in a crisis?

“Elizabeth has the unique gift of capturing the audience’s attention – all the time. Her presentation skills are top-notch, engaging, and high energy.”

Bernardo Foil-Costa

President & Founder, Big Think Group


9 Cognitive Messaging Mistakes to Avoid

for high-conversion communication & content

Why do we tune out and dislike some communication? Download your free report on the top 9 messaging mistakes that limit communication results (and what to do about it!).

  • Communication is changing

    Learn why and how things are different.

  • Traditional methods simply don't work any more.

    Science has shown that "conventional wisdom" is no longer effective for communications.  

  • Science has the answer

    Learn the 9 Cognitive Messaging Mistakes to Avoid in this free brief


    The Science of Human Engagement:
    Creating Connection in an Age of Noise

    How do you tune communication to connect in an age of noise?

    Science has proven the most effective communication touches the conscious and non-conscious mind at the same time, but how to reliably do so has been systemically blocked from the practice of professional communication, until now.

    In The Science of Human Engagement: Creating Connection in an Age of Noise, Elizabeth Edwards, founder of Engagement Science Lab, Volume PR, and the Behavioral Communication movement, explores how the mind is evolving as noise and information sources multiply, and the opportunity before professional and everyday communicators alike to reorient how we think about talking to exhausted minds.