Professional Communication Tuned by Science to Connect

Real clients. Real results.

  • BMW

    Doubled historic sales records and brought in a 400% increase in media coverage.

  • Transamerica

    An audit found their #1 homepage messaging was telling their audience NOT to buy their services. This single change lead to triple-digit sales increases.

  • SONY

    Brought in 94% of launch sales (compared to 6% from traditional advertising).

  • Home Advisor

    Exceeded defined media placement goals by 2000%.

from confusing to connecting

"Once we understood the science behind our messaging and had the proper tools to change it, our ability to connect with our customers improved drastically. Hire them yesterday!”

Alix Hunsacker, Marketing Manager, Transamerica

Research & Insights

Conscious mind research is too limited

Your custom Engagement Science Lab™ or Non-Conscious Research Series reveals the responses your audience has to your communication beyond what they can communicate to you.

  • Does your communication light up the decision-making center in the mind, or leave people confused?

  • What combination of science-based research tools are best for your unique circumstances?

  • At a level beyond consciousness, is your communication creating connection, or confusion?

“As an advertising executive, insights from Engagement Science Lab benefitted both my client’s results and my own when acting as an extension of their businesses. Because of Elizabeth and her team’s findings, I have personally seen massive revenue growth, including $2.1M in net-new annual revenue and a 780% ROI specific to one client. I highly recommend Engagement Science Lab's strategies to understand your customers and get the results you need.”

Shannon Bankoff

Media Executive, TENGA

Non-Profit & Charity Services

We're passionate about helping non-profit professionals
positively impact the world.

Engagement Science Lab™ trainings and services are available for registered non-profit and charity-based organizations at a discount. Contact us to learn more.

Check us out at the PRSA Association & Non-Profit Conference on “Fundraising With Communication Science: New Techniques to Boost Results”

“Fundraising for Humans: Behavioral Science Insights to Help Reach Supporters”