Understand how the mind is tuning out most modern-day communication in our noisy world alongside endless social media static.


    Reveal the biases working to block your communication, and how to navigate this coping mechanism that actively fights against your best laid plans.


    Learn how the mind makes decisions, and why communication strategies directed to the conscious mind are not as successful as 100% mind and emotion engagement methods.

    After 20+ years of testing and applying human behavior and motivation science to improve communication outcomes, we’ve uncovered a system of engagement:

    • Understand the new ways the mind processes communication and how to use this knowledge to dial in your content with more psychological precision than ever before.

    • Create content with a heightened awareness and sensitivity toward its psychological, behavioral, and motivational influence.

    • Write and design around the non-conscious biases and filters that are likely the real culprit for communication interference and limit.

    • Apply new science-based strategies proven by brands like BMW, Transamerica, and Charter to exponentially increase communication outcomes.

    Loved by hundreds of communicators...

    “As an advertising executive, insights from Engagement Science Lab benefited both my client’s results and my own when acting as an extension of their businesses. Because of Elizabeth and her team’s findings, I have personally seen massive revenue growth, including $2.1M in net-new annual revenue and a 780% ROI specific to one client. I highly recommend Engagement Science Lab's strategies to understand your customers and get the results you need.”

    Shannon Bankoff

    Media Executive, TENGA

    "Elizabeth speaks to you and helps you out in a way a longtime mentor might, but rather being all talk, she provides the action steps to back up the plan she’s spelled out with you.”

    Taylor Kamnetz

    Content Marketing Manager, ReviewPush.com

    “Elizabeth has the unique gift of capturing the audience’s attention – all the time. Her presentation skills are top-notch, engaging, and high energy.”

    Bernardo Fiol-Costa

    President & Founder, Big Think Group

    Whether you are brand new to professional communication or a seasoned practitioner, this masterclass will leave you with an entirely new framework through which to consider how you communicate, and a competitive career superpower that is hard to beat.

    • Engage 100% of the Mind

      Design messages to engage the conscious and non-conscious mind simultaneously.

    • Overcome Decision Fatigue

      Construct suggestions and requests to increase consideration and compliance.

    • Minimize Backfire

      Limit the use of communication rejection triggers.

    • Eliminate Cognitive Overload

      Limit the potential for communication to overwhelm and be tuned out.

    • Limit Bias Interference

      Navigate the biases interfering with successful communication processing.

    • Accelerate Agreement

      Accelerate understanding and agreement.

    • Change Minds

      Optimize communication to positively affect change in opinions, positions, and beliefs.

    • Change Behavior

      Catalyze positive behavior shifts.

    The complete guide to communicating to connect

    based on revolutionary science


    with our searchable database of NPE graduates

    Because the skill set and approach to communication by someone trained in NPE is so much more effective, we field a lot of requests from companies looking to hire pros trained in the science of engagement. We will launch a searchable database of past students who opt to be included, made available to companies looking to hire NPE-educated communicators. 


    to train with
    Elizabeth directly

    Our inaugural virtual student body will have the opportunity to work directly with NPE founder and coach, Elizabeth Edwards, to ask questions and curate their educational experience.

    • Top DIY Content Creation Tech Tools eBook & Training

      Our favorite, high-impact communication and content creation tech tools to help you create world-class content with ease, as well as an on-demand training with Elizabeth to learn how to apply them to improve your communication.

    • Communication Career Opportunities

    • Physical Course Materials

      Learning happens best when our hands get involved in the process, and some of our materials have to be touched to be fully understood. All students will receive a surprise kit by mail of materials to supplement the online Masterclass experience.

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